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02 January 2011

Happy New Year / 2011 Goals

WELCOME 2011!!

After sitting around the house last new years eve (waiting for an overdue Baby Jarvis to make an appearance), we decided to host a New Year's Eve party this year, and invite a bunch of the families we have gotten to know. It was a blast! We ended up with 14 adults and 15 kiddos (all under the age of 10!) We stuffed ourselves and the kiddos partied like crazy! Jarvis really enjoys being around older kids right now and had a lot of fun just watching them. Even though most of our toys are geared towards toddlers, I have enough that are 'ageless' that even the bigger kids enjoyed themselves. Then again, any house that isn't yours is always more fun! Most families headed home to get the kids in bed by 9, but two brave families stuck it out with us until 1 am! The kids did awesome and the parents had fun playing cards. Overall, it was the perfect way to end 2010, with the new friends and kids we have grown to love over the past year.

Decorative glasses... all set for 2011!

Party headbands for the kiddos. 

Noise-less party blowers :) 

Happy New Year! 

A few of the kiddos playing away! (Jarvis is holding onto the side of the couch on the left side!) 

Jace and I, around 1 am! (Jarvis was in bed at his normal time, poor baby!)

This year, I am writing goals down, for myself and the bit, because I feel it is always important to focus on growth and improvement.

For me:
  • Continue to grow my business without sacrificing family time.
  • Make a big stash of 'unpaper' towels (large wipes) to use in the place of paper towels.
  • Find more ways to be 'more green' in our everyday lives.
  • Make play kitchen and play workshop from scratch (with Jace). More info on that later!
  • Make a full stock of play foods to be used with the play kitchen and felt playhouse.
  • Continue to learn how to cook healthy family meals for all of us.
  • Focus on getting healthier and staying that way.
  • Continue to learn my camera and learn how to edit better. 
  • Participate in photography challenges (This Much and Project 52- more on those later!)

  • Drop the bottle and move to full milk. (already underway)
  • Move to table foods and drop purees. (already underway)
  • Continue to grow his sign language skills.  (already underway)
  • Begin 'Elimination Communication' with the goal to be potty-trained by 2.
  • Drop the nap/nighttime pacifier. 
  • Drop the morning nap.
  • See an occupational therapist and continue developmental activities to aid in use of his thumbs.
  • And of course meet all the typical milestones, walking, eating with fork/spoon, etc.
  • Be completely adorable. (already underway, hehe)

We hope that you welcomed in the New Year happily! We are looking forward to what 2011 has in store!

Much love,
J, C, & J


Plane Jane said...

You should check out the book/cookbook "More with Less" by Doris Janzen Longacre. Its great- talks about using our local resources, not overeating animal proteins and sugars, and has a lot of tried and true family recipes! I got it for Christmas and I love it!

Chelsea M said...

Jane, the biggest issue here is the lack of local resources :( very hard to eat organic, and the growing season is so short, local produce is hard to find and they charge SO MUCH for it :( If only we lived in Austin... haha!