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16 March 2011

14.5 mos | An Update

First off, I want to say thank you for the amazing response I got from my post on Monkey's story. I was blown away by the thoughtful responses and the number of people who felt comfortable enough to share their past or current stories.

It has been a while since I did an update on our precious little boy, and boy has he changed!

He has continued signing and does an amazing job of communicating what he wants. The only hiccup is that he uses the sign 'more' as want. If he wants help with something or wants something, he signs more. We are working on signing help and please right now to change that around, ha!

And on the communication note, Jarvis is officially talking! He actually probably has been for a while, but I think we weren't noticing that he was trying, since the words are still not very clear. His first official word is ki-ca (kitty-cat). And in the past few days we have heard tuk (truck), che (diaper change), bu-be (blueberry), gogu (yogurt), a dah (all done), and possibly di-ka di-ka (tickle tickle). The more carefully we listen, the more we hear him trying! It's so exciting to be on the brink of talking!

 Mr Tool-man!

We LOVE our books!! He will grab a book, hand it to me, sit down and pat his lap to show me that he wants to sit in my lap and read. Once I sit down, he quickly backs up into my lap to read! I love that he loves his books! In particular, we love any book that is about trucks or cars and that has flaps to open and close.

We discovered 2 little teeth poking through on the top a few days ago, his 1yr molars. So far, I just see the top two, but I imagine the bottom two will show up in a few weeks! When the top two molars make it all the way through, he will 10 teeth total! Such a big boy!

Some of our good friends brought Jarvis a sled back from Minneapolis, and he LOVES it! He loves being outside and it always bummed when we have to come back in, but it's too cold to stay out too long! 

He is full on toddler now. His one speed is running and he loves climbing! Crazy boy keeps on climbing up on top of his play gym and standing up. Which is a wonderful skill, however he seems to think diving off the side is a good idea! He had his first spill this week, nothing major, but I am hoping he learned his lesson!

As far as eating goes, he is still a little food machine! He eats very well and loves his veggies, but especially he LOVES his fruit! He's up into 18 month clothing now. When we change his diaper, he helps put on his clothes. If he's holding a toy, he trades what hand it is in and pushes his arms through the arms. He also sticks his legs out straight and pushes his legs into his pants. But then again, he only does that if he's not having a giggle fit, because EVERY SINGLE inch of that boy is very very ticklish!! He will dive on the floor, roll over, and smile up at you, trying to get you to tickle and wrestle him! So much fun!

Check out this little foodie's belly, it's huge!

He loves music and dancing along with anything we put on. He now tries to 'spin' which means slowly turning around with his arms out to his sides. I think he must have seen one of his big friends doing it! One of his favorite songs is the 'itsy bitsy spider' with the hand motions, and he tries to do them along with us, putting his little first fingers with his thumbs.

And the final note- we have planned a trip back to Austin to see our family in April, please send me an email if you want to know the dates or want to get on the schedule! We have lots of people to see and can not wait for some warmer weather!

I think that's about it for now!

Hugs, C

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