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31 March 2011

Project 52 | Sickly | Week 13

Motherhood is


because as cute as they are, those sweet little hands are germ magnets.
and you can bet I'm gonna catch whatever he does, 
usually right about the time he finally gets his energy back.

This is what my week looked like... LOTS of water, hot tea and teaspoonfuls of chopped raw garlic!! Daddy got the cold first from work, and passed it onto the bitty, who passed it on to me. They are both doing better, but mommy is still working on recovering.

I now have a daily habit of 1tsp of raw garlic to help boost my immune system and fight off colds and such. I have several friends who SWEAR by garlic (check out here and here for more information), and it certainly seems to have helped kick my cold faster (without any medications!)

I gave in a put up a temporary baby gate to the kitchen, which kept the bitty contained in the playroom so I could lay on the couch and watch him. I also temporarily activated the magnetic locks on the kitchen cabinets (that usually stay unlocked) so he couldn't get into them. And since we don't do TV in this house, a few new library books helped keep him entertained!

Normally, I don't believe in baby proofing or blocking kids off from areas because I think it's better to actually parent them and teach them what to touch and not touch. (Exception of course for the immediately dangerous things- like chemicals.) But that means bring with them constantly and interacting, correcting, and redirecting. Which is quite a bit of work with a 15 mo old and with this cold eeking out all my energy, I decided a few days of passive parenting wouldn't hurt! 

What are your secrets for surviving a cold with a very active toddler??


Jace said...

go to work and let mommy handle it!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

looks so cute over there! thanks for supporting me & I hope you feel better!! :)