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02 July 2012

Insta-Friday | Mas Tejas


 1. Oma and Jonah!
2. Poppy and Joelle :)

3. Oma and the little girl!
4. Once again, the size difference in these babies is crazy... almost 3 inches!


5. No, Grandpa Matt, that is not how a bumbo works!
6. Hello Ergo, you are our new best friend!


7. All dressed up for church!
8. Mama went to Lakeshore learning store. Ouch. I wanted to buy the WHOLE store!! I miss teaching.


9. The bowling ball babies.
10. This kid adores bowling. 1st place, Grandpa Matt, 2nd place, Me, 3rd place, Jarvis, Last place, Daddy, haha!


11. Meet Cousin puppy, Lola. She was not sure what to think of the micro-humans.
12. oh Austin. ugh. SO HOT.


 13. Mama, Daddy, and big boy date to Kerby Lane.
14. Talking to birds while mama pays.\


15 & 16. Finished up the big boy date with some jump houses indoors. Such a brave boy!


17. Enjoying the cool mornings by the pool!
18. My new (to me) D300. I AM IN LOVE.

1 comment:

Kelly B. said...

Kerbey Lane?! Be-still my heart......I absolutely loved that place when I was in college. Austin holds such great memories for me! :-) Glad you guys had a good time!