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19 July 2012

Insta-Friday | Standing & Cooking

1. Breakfast time. They love watching their brother.
2.  precious girl.

3. He STARES at his brother all the time!
4. made my first 'freezer pizza' from scratch!


5. double batch of homemade tortillas!
6. the hair on this girl is HILARIOUS!


7. full couch in the early morning!
8. two exersaucers are a necessity with twins!!


9. New experiments: growing sprouts!
10. My big boy eating kale straight out of the garden!


11. I have been purging and we sold our two sets of 'nice' and 'everyday' dishes to get one that serves as both! Fiestaware!! I love it!
12.  Jonah boy hates being on his back, on his tummy, and sitting. He apparently just wants to stand. by himself. silly boy.


13. I mean seriously, he just wants to stand. Daddy was right behind him, but not touching him! The kid has strong legs!
14. We have started a modified version of baby led weaning... and here are the babies playing with some pieces of peach! They were super interested!


15. He wanted to hold their hands!
16. Serious chubs!!

17. Jarvis pooped in the potty for the first time!!!!! So, we made cupcakes, LOL!!

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Mrs. Coach said...

Yay for BLW! It's been an awesome experience for us and we are so glad we did it. Hope you guys have the same experience!