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13 July 2012

Insta-Friday | week 29

1. My sweet little Jonah bear.
2. Joelle getting some early morning big brother love.


4. mama by day, washer repairwoman by nap time.
5. Spent nearly 2 hours 'fixing' our old washer. All for nothing, the drain pump is dead :( So I ordered a new one off of ebay, but luckily enough, someone was moving and selling these beauties DIRT cheap!! So once the pump gets in, I will replace it and sell the old ones. Such an upgrade for so little!


6. Juliette is not an outside cat, it's not allowed on base. However, she will not jump the fence, so we let her out in the backyard. Since then, she has turned into a tigress. Poor birds.
7. The garlic is finally ready in the garden! Here it is, freshly picked and roasted on a homemade whole wheat cheddar cracker. Delish!

8. The strike on tummy time is a combined effort, they just keep rolling over!
9. We discovered cherries. and we love them.


10. Why hello, good morning to you too, grumpy pants.
11. The baby parade. You should see the double takes I get... this stroller is a BEAST.

 12. Late night feedings give me time to sit and be thankful for my kiddos. So thankful for full arms.
13. 'Yook, mommy, I yined all the cars up!!' OCD much, kiddo?

14. Starting to get worried about how the move will affect him, but I know he's resilient...
15. Bananas on sale for 25cents a pound??? Time to dehydrate! and cherries too!!

PS: I'm going to be an AUNT!!!!! my little brother and his wife are expecting a BOY in January!!! So excited!!!

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