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07 September 2010

2/3rds of a year!

Well, we are all moved over, and mostly settled in. Still have a few pictures to hang, and the garage needs to be unpacked, but we are all done other than that! Everyone loves the new house, lots more living space, and it's easier to keep the now mobile Jarvis contained!

and on that note... Jarvis is now 8 months old!!

He has mastered crawling for sure, and gets faster everyday!! He loves being able to be mobile and looks absolutely delighted when heading for something fascinating! He easily pushes up to sitting, but has not shown any sign of pulling up yet. He is strong enough to hold his weight on his legs, but doesn't have much balance. He picks his feet up and walks while you hold his hands, he gets the concept!!

He has learned 'yes' and 'no' and nods his whole body yes, and shakes his head no. If he's liking what he's eating, doing, or hearing, you are sure to get a whole body nod. But lay him down to change his diaper, or offer peas, and you will get a head shaking no! It's fun to start the communicating process!!

We still only have the 2 bottom teeth, but with the drooling and hands in mouth, we are expecting another one any time now!

He is still eating like a champ, 4 bottles a day and TONS of solid foods. He now does purees of veggies and fruits, followed by a myriad of finger foods. He eats basically all the veggies and fruits you could think of, the only ones he doesn't really like are peas and tomatoes! Finger food-wise, he eats small pieces of veggies or fruits, whole wheat toast, whole wheat pasta, cheeses, turkey, chicken, and his favorite (seriously) tofu. He has gotten very good at getting those little bites into his mouth, although he still does the entire hand scoop, no pincher grasp yet!

He is currently in the middle of another 'Wonder Week' which are predictable mental developmental leaps. These include fussiness, clinginess, food picky-ness and sleep disruptions, and usually last about a week or two. They aren't terribly pleasant, but always end with a very happy baby, who has learned to perceive the world in a whole new way.

On a good note, we received the results back from Jarvis' blood work, and he has been cleared of the condition in question, which is excellent news!! We will be seeing the cardiologist on Monday to do a thorough check-up of his heart, and will let you know how that goes.

There will be some new pictures up on shutterfly later this week, so check back in!

Duckie is doing well, 19 weeks now. We have a big ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday and will be able to share the first pictures of our next little one!! Be sure to check back for those!

I guess that's it for now! Miss you all!

J, C, J, &D

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