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30 September 2010

Growing like a weed...

I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks since my last post about Jarvis. He has grown so much during that time!

He'll be 9 months old in just under a week, so this will probably be his 9 month post...

His biggest development is pulling up to standing. A week and a half ago, he still needed lots of help, although he was trying hard. Now, he pulls to standing on E.VE.RY.THING. Seriously. Everything. The couch, the sides of chairs, the coffee table, his big wooden block toy, his music table, the cubes that hold his toys, the dog's crate, his crib, his pack n' play.

The crib and pack n' play (portable crib) have big the biggest developments. He's now standing, peering over the top of the crib when you come to get him up from a nap. It's adorable. He used to have independent play time in his pack n' play for 30 minutes twice a day. I used to have it in the playroom, and I could still wash dishes, be on the computer, etc without it disturbing him. Once he learned to pull up in his pack n' play, he stands and yells at me over the top of it the entire time. Thus, we have moved independent play time into his crib, which he has handled very well.

Just in the last few days, he has learned to pull to standing on flat surfaces, like a wall or the door to the outside. He loves standing at the back door watching the puppy outside. Really, he loves standing. Period. Loves standing.

He also loves music and dancing... I was trying to post a video below, but it's too big, check it out here:, such a cutie.

He has also been trying to talk with more purpose. He imitates tone and inflection more, and is obviously trying to talk and say things at appropriate moments. He really loves talking.

He understands the sign language for "all done" after eating or changing a diaper. He doesn't sign it himself yet, but if he's fussing and wanting to get out of the high chair, he calms when you sign "all done" and lets you wipe his hands and face and get him out. We are working on "more" and "hungry" and other simple signs.

We've branched out on his toys recently, moving into some "big boy" toys like dump trucks and garbage trucks, and he loves them! He has a peek-a-boo book that makes car, truck, train, and ambulance noises when you raise the correct flaps, and he LOVES lifting the flap, groaning in joy (another new development), putting it back down, then raising it again to hear the noise. I still can't believe he's learned exactly which one (of the 4 flaps) on each page makes a noise.

We started "finger-painting" once a week or so, and he enjoys that. Mostly he enjoys making a mess all over himself, and heading straight to bath time. Speaking of bath time, he has moved out of the "big baby tub" (the blow-up duckie) and is now just taking baths in the bath tub. He loves moving around in the water, splashing, playing with the letters that stick on the tub sides, and the spray of the water from the jet. He even seems to love the water over his face, he licks his lips and tries to drink it as it runs down his face!

Clothing-wise, he's in 9-12 month onesies and shirts, and 12-18mo pants and socks. His big little diaper bum makes all his pants not fit :P He mostly dresses like a big boy now, in pants and shirts, rather than onesies. It makes him look so much older!

I really think he will be cruising any day now (cruising is when they walk along things, holding on, around tables, along the edges of couches, it's early walking). He's very close and lifts his legs and turns, and sits back down after standing with no problem. Walking may still be a few weeks away, but probably not more than a month or two. It looks like we will have an early walker on our hands.

Hmmm, guess that's it for now. I'll add some pictures down here, but check at and for a bunch of recent pictures and videos.

And ummmm... wow does J look like his dad in these pictures!! John, I didn't know you had come for bath time!! :D

Much love,
J, C, & J

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Emily Miranda said...

The finger painting pictures are just adorable! And him cheesing in the bathtub is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever! Hopefully next time you're in Texas my husband Hector and I can meet your family!