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12 September 2010


We were able to get copies of Jarvis' x-rays and they are very interesting, so we wanted to share some with you.

The picture below is Jarvis' left hand, and you can see, there are three bones in his thumb. Both of his thumbs look like this. You may note, that in baby hands, there is significantly more cartilage and less bone. That's J's finger down in the bottom and you can clearly see his joints, Jarvis' have not solidified yet. You can see that his wrist is nearly all cartilage.

And oh my goodness, look at all that chub!!

Here's another view from the side.

And just as a point of reference, here's a random x-ray of a normal baby hand.

Interesting to look at for sure!



Anonymous said...

so interesting! i will be praying for you on Monday as you see the doctors. i hope Jarvis is feeling better and that the trip goes smoothly! love you, Mom

Richae said...

So glad that you have ruled some things out! I was thinking about you today while you made your trip. I hope everything went well!