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14 September 2010

Quack, quack...

Poor Duckie hasn't had a post devoted completely to him/her, so here goes!!

Duckie hit 20 weeks today, halfway through (assuming this one comes on time!) and I am starting to get excited. This pregnancy has gone so much faster since I've been distracted by Duckie's older brother!! I am so excited about the ultrasound on Thursday and finally getting to see this little one!! I have felt Duckie move some, but not as much as I had felt Jarvis by now, think I may just be more distracted!

I am definitely in maternity clothes and have quite the belly. It's funny how you aren't quite as proud of the belly the 2nd time around, because you know how much of it was the 'momma pouch' from the 1st!! I think that's probably why I haven't been taking many belly pictures, but we took one today and I will get it up soon! I have been gaining weight steadily and feeling pretty good. Tired alot, but that's probably just as much Jarvis related as Duckie :D

It is amazing how quickly you forget all the unpleasant things about pregnancy (despite the fact I only had a 3.5 month break :P) My migraines, which plaqued me throughout pregnancy with Jarvis, have returned, and are much worse. Rather than the 2 a week with Jarvis, I get them nearly daily. Caffeine is the only thing that seems to help, but even that is a hit or miss. Overall though, I have very easy pregnancies, and this one is progressing the same.

I have begun plans to create a toddler room for Jarvis so that Duckie can take over the nursery! Since it's gender neutral, it will work either way! Which means all new sewing and furniture will be for Jarvis' room, not Duckie's (which kinda makes me feel bad for the poor baby :( ) There actually is very little that we need for Duckie besides a few more cloth diapers (since I will have 2 in them!!). And although some people don't believe me... we really are NOT finding out Duckie's gender on Thursday, this one will be a surprise too, sorry :D If Duckie is a boy, we really won't need a thing!! If Duckie is a girl, we will have to start a girl wardrobe, but other than that, we would just use what we did for Jarvis!

I am excited about this addition, but a little nervous to see what everyday life will be like. It will definitely change for all of us, and I'm afraid Jarvis has NO IDEA what's gonna hit him!! I can't wait to find out if Jarvis' little playmate will be a brother or sister, it's actually been more tempting to find out this time compared to last time!!

I will be sure to post pictures after Thursday!!

Much love,

J, C, J, & D

Oh, and 7 posts in 14 days... impressed?? I'm trying :D

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Anonymous said...

yeah for Duckie!! love, gammie