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08 July 2011

Project 52 | Letting Go | Week 27

Motherhood is

letting go.

Play scapes, baby pools, sand boxes, water slides.
This is our summer.
And he thinks he can do all of it by himself.
It's bittersweet to know that he actually can.

I'm not sure where my baby went, but this toddler is alot of fun!

He wants to be outside every minute of the day, and we are soaking up all the North Dakotan sunshine that we can. We topped out in the 90s this week, thank goodness- which meant lots of pool time! We are still under a boil water order and in water conservation, but luckily the pool found a way to open. This baby is an expert at the baby pool and has no fear! He seems to think he can swim like the big kids in the big pool (much to my concern!) and adores the water slides. Every time he goes down the slide (in our arms of course) he signs, more, more, more... no fear at all!

He's a little brown bear now and his hair has faded to a lighter brown. My favorite part of these sunny days are that he reminds me of my little brother. Anytime my little brother went out in the heat, he flushed in the heat. Jarvis does the same thing (which neither Jace nor I do) and I love seeing that bit of my family in him!

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