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15 July 2011

Project 52 | Neat | Week 28

Motherhood is


Not always. It's messy and dirty quite often.
But sometimes, he's just like me.

Trucks neatly arranged on the play gym.
Laundry placed carefully into the basket.
A loud 'uh-oh' when the milk leaks on the table and a quick grab for a cloth to wipe it up.
Happily gathering and stacking the books on the bookshelf.
18 months isn't too soon for chores, right??

(Now how to teach him to be neat and clean, but not OCD like his mother... I'm not sure on that one!)

It's been a crazy week here at my house. I am happily fighting some major pregnancy symptoms and a nasty cold and this sweet boy has been a big help! I have been focusing on having him help clean up more this week. I sit on the floor next to a basket, and tell him to get all the trucks. He walks around and I give him direction clues and he brings all the trucks and puts them in the basket. Repeat for blocks, books, kitchen stuff, and most of the playroom gets cleaned without me having to stand or bend over, yippee!!

He also helps me clean the table after he eats, vacuums with his play vacuum while I clean, moves the laundry for me and even pushes the baskets into the living room to be folded. He's really rather handy! I am working on trying to instill these habits in him, so maybe someday his future wife will thank me!! haha...

1 comment:

HouseMama Tess said...

It's wonderful when they start being real helpers! And congratulations! The Fishies are a wonderful blessing for you, I am sure. I'll be sure to keep you and your growing babies in my prayers... wishing you all the best!