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14 July 2011

A surprise or a plan?

In the past, Hubby and I have made the decision to NOT find out the gender of our babies. We had planned to stick with that with the rest of the babies and have all neutral newborn stuff (although really, neutral ends up being more boyish).

BUT.... the twins are throwing a bit of a cramp in that... we will need more clothes either way, boy or girl, and we have to buy seconds of basically everything else. 

So we are in a toss up as whether we will find out the gender of the twins. So for fun, here's your chance to vote! Vote in the pole on the right and tell us what you think we should do!

We probably won't listen, haha, but it's fun to see what you think!


Sandy Myers said...

I am sure that there are TONS of people that will get you the clothes you would need should you have a little girl, so it wouldn't take long for her to have a cute little wardrobe all her own :)

Rebekah said...

Find out!!! ALWAYS find out! The suspense kills me!

Christine said...

I vote to find out. I was able to stockpile clothes until they were 12 months (and make them match :D ) and it was REALLY nice not to have to go clothes shopping. Also 20 is the magic number for the number of bottles.

Julie Albrecht said...

Find out! find out! The surprise happens earlier, but then you can plan and picture the little ones, plan names, etc. I would have given ANYTHING to have known ahead of time!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

I say surprise! There is nothing like the suspense to get you through labor! & seriously...if you have a will get boxes & boxes of pink! SWEAR! :D SO SO SO exciting!