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08 July 2011

this much [18 mos]

The main thought running through my head lately is "SLOW DOWN!!" This child is growing so very fast!! We hang out with alot of older kids (the youngest is just 2 months younger than Jarvis) and it seems like every single day he is learning something from one of them. He climbs on playgrounds like he's been doing it for years, not 2 months. He slides down the big slides all by himself, and adores the water slides into the pool. 

He is most definitely NOT a baby. We are full-on into the toddler years, tantrums, challenges, and ENERGY. The best way to burn that energy while Daddy is TDY? A couple hours at the pool!

(both taken by my good friend Stacy)

And us coming out of the water slide, if you looks closely, you can see the colors of our swimsuits!

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