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04 August 2011

19 mos update

I haven't been very good about keeping up with this, but he's changed so much in the past month, I just had to do an update.

One of the biggest things that stands out to me right now is his penchant for collections. And for moving those collections from surface to surface. over, over, and over again. All day long. Usually, it's primarily trucks, but also any other random toys near his trucks. They go, one by one, from the couch, to the coffee table, to the stool, to the side table, to my desk, to his chair, to my cutting table, and even more. He carries them each over to the new place and lines them up. It's adorable. It's also slightly too close to Mama's OCD tendancies, haha! And seriously, he spends at least 80% of his waking time doing this. It's cute, but strange!

He talking SO much more. LOTS. He will now attempt to repeat words if you ask him. And he's probably gained at least 10 words in the past week and a half. Many of them only I can understand, and usually only through context clues. But he gets to excited when I understand him. And I love that he can communicate what he wants and what he is thinking.

He has blown kisses for several months, but the past month he learned to give real kisses. He will make little popping kissing noises in the middle of lunch or right before bed and ask for kisses. And he defiantly needs a kiss goodbye every time dada leaves.

Like I mentioned before, he made the transition to a big boy bed this month. And although it was a bit hard, he has done REALLY well. I think he was ready for the independence. 

He is such a little stinker sometimes though. He knows the boundaries and what is allowed and not allowed at home and out, so he either waits until I am not looking (or in the bathroom), or he says 'no-no' the entire time he does it. Little snot! He really likes to tell the puppy or kitty 'no-no' if they are doing something they shouldn't.

Signing is pretty much the same, but he has begun to learn that if I am not looking at him when he signs, if he says the word too it works better. Improvement!

Lately he has picked up this strange habit of saying 'dadamama' as one word when he wants us both to do something, or just out of nowhere, even when dada isn't home! He will also be babbling to himself with trucks, and throw in an occasional dadamama. Guess they are just two very familiar words!

He had a well-baby check up today, and everything looks good! He is 25lbs (37th percentile), and 32.5 inches tall (62nd percentile) and his head measured in the 56th percentile. He had a big growth spurt in the past 6 months and is right on track developmentally.  

That was very wordy, but that's most of where he is right now! Up next on our continual list of developmental milestones are to drop the pacis, move from the nursery to the big boy room, and to commit to potty training. Such a big boy!

Hugs, C


Anonymous said...

okay so I was reading this and had to laugh at the 'dadamama' thing...because Amelia does the SAME thing--but 'mommydaddy'. At first we didn't know what she was getting at until driving by myself with her she was screaming for 'mommydaddy' (Derek was out of town for school) and then a few days later when we picked him up from the airport, she was so excited and saying 'mommydaddy, mommydaddy'... apparently we are one entity and she very distinctly wants us both sometimes because she will use one or the other when she wants just one of us... so weird--so maybe that's what Jarvis is thinking too...

Anonymous said...

okay--sorry forgot to put that the comment above was from me--can't get it to accept anything by the Anonymous post thing... hope you guys are doing well <3, Jen