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05 August 2011

Project 52 | Changes | Week 31

Motherhood is


Big ones, little ones.
Ones that slip right by without you noticing.
Ones you fret over and plan for. 
But it never fails, he changes everyday.


Somebody got his first summer buzz cut. Just like Daddy and Uncle Bo-Bo used to get every year, and Poppy and Great-Uncle James did before them. Apparently it's a McCown tradition. 

But he looks like a different child! I defiantly can not call him a baby any more. Somehow he slipped right into a little boy.

He's got some BIG changes headed his way in the next 6 months. But this Mama has decided not to worry or fret about them, but instead treasure the last couple months with him as an only child. I'm pouring all the love and attention that I can into him. Because I know with two newborn siblings, he will have to become a much bigger boy too quickly. So for now, he's gets to be little, but with a big boy haircut.

(Apparently this mama guilt over adding siblings is normal... I don't remember feeling this way when we were expecting Job, I think it's more the guilt that it will be two screaming infants, not just one. Don't get me wrong, we are THRILLED and I would do nothing to change it, but it still makes me a little sad for Jarvis in the time department (although he LOVES babies and is such a good helper, I know he will be fine) Did you worry for your older kids when you added siblings?)


kathryn said...

I actually broke down crying in the Babies R Us parking lot a couple of days before Olivia's induction date. I just started thinking how much Vivian's world was about to change and it would never be Just the 3 of us again. But once Olivia came all those thoughts went away. Vivian loved her instantly and now they are the best of friends! I can't imagine what life would be like now without either of them having their sister! So your feelings are normal, but it will all be fine! Jarvis will Love them and will love being a big brother! Just remember to set aside so special time and attention for him once they do arrive. Even if it is just daddy taking hime out to lunch alone. Something so he still feels the attention!:)

Stacy said...

I felt EXTREMELY guilty when I was pregnant with Jordyn. Everytime we would do something with her books, go to the park, shopping...I would just start crying thinking of how bad I felt for her. That went away a couple of weeks after Jordy was born, and looking back now, it's weird that I felt that way. I can't imagine myself feeling guilty about that but I was. I think it's better when they are really young though. After about a month or two, Abby didn't even remember life before being a big sister. We just tried to make everything about her as much as we could. Jordyn was HER BABY SISTER. She was her only big sister and that was special. She got to help with everything and shopping for her and stuff. We made her role very important. She loved every minute of it and never complained about having a baby around. ever.