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15 August 2011

Questions | The Fishies

I have been getting quite a few of the same repeat questions lately, so I figured I would address them on here for all those asking (or those too afraid to ask!). 

Were we on fertility treatments when we conceived the twins?

Not many people have actually been brave enough to ask this question, but I know lots are thinking it!

But the answer is, no, the twins are all natural! I was on Clomid to conceive Jarvis, but we are blessed to have not had to use fertility treatments since then. Which honestly, just goes to show you how amazing our Lord truly is! He can do just about anything! Including giving fraternal twins to a woman with a history of issues ovulating!

Are we finding out the genders of the twins?

Short answer: We still aren't sure. haha.

Long answer, it's a tough decision. Honestly, we don't want to find out. I like not knowing, I love the surprise. I really liked not knowing with Jarvis. And it doesn't matter one bit to me if it's two girls, two boys, or a mix. All I want to know is that they are healthy. Initially, we did not find with Jarvis because it was financially smarter. I bought all neutral baby items so that we could use them again, no matter what. But then I liked not knowing. Certainly gave me that extra desire to push!! We try very hard to be financially smart, and honestly, when it comes to the twins, it is smarter to find out. We know lots of people who are willing to give us clothes and supplies. 

So yes, we aren't sure. And I'm not sure when we will make the decision! And we reserve the right to change our minds alot! haha!

I was honestly surprised at how many of you voted for us to keep it a secret!

And now for some fun news! Last Friday I thought I felt the fishies move for the first time. I thought I was crazy and just making it up, but after repetitive motion in the same place over several days, I decided to do a little test. We were able to confirm exactly where they were with the Doppler fetal monitor, and it's right where I have been feeling lots of motion! I guess the two of them in there are causing a ruckus already! It's not constant, but at least once or twice a day I feel little flutters, kicks, and jumps. Can't wait to be feeling them even more!! This is much earlier than I felt either Job or Jarvis (both around 16 weeks).

Any questions you have for me that I haven't answered???


Anne & Andy said...

Do twins run in either of your families?

Chelsea M said...

Anne, nope, neither of our families, at least not anywhere close to us. Identical twins are usually genetic and from one egg that split and will run in families. Fraternal twins means that I ovulated two eggs at once, which is just a hormonal blessing!

Heather said...

I think it's so exciting not to find out! But then again, everyone says it's exciting no matter when you find out. ;) I say go with your gut!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

I think it is SO fun that they will look completely different & could be two different genders. SO exciting!!!!!!! & If I have a boy & you have a girl, I'll send you some goodies. :) cause we're done.