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19 December 2011

Big Boy Movie | Firsts

In the past month, the 'mommy' guilt over adding two new siblings to Jarvis' life has slowly crept up on me... There's no denying things will be different around here. From here on out, my attention during the day will be divided among 3 children. 3 children's needs and wants and emotions. Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled, and I KNOW we will adjust, but it makes me a bit sad for Jarvis, because he's had the benefit of my undivided attention for 2 years now, and I love our relationship. He will learn and adjust. I'm sure we will have some rough patches, but I know eventually he will love having the playmates (since he tries to play with an uncooperative puppy and kitty all day long!)

But on that note, I have been thinking about how much harder it will be to DO anything or GO anywhere, at least for a while. We get out of the house at least 3 mornings during the week, and then a couple of times on the weekend, and Jarvis is at the age where he needs that. I can tell that my inability to easily take him places alone lately affects his energy level. So we will have to be intentional about getting him out and interacting with other kids, even after the twins come.

And we will have to be very intentional about giving him 'big boy' time with each of us. Time where HE gets to do something special as the big brother, something the babies can't do.

So to start that out, we took him to his first in-theater movie two weekends ago! Normally, he will watch one  20-30 minute educational show a day, but he's only really seen one movie at home. We decided to take him to an afternoon showing of Puss in Boots. We paid an absurd amount for tickets and popcorn (although he got in free!) and decided to take a chance!

Initially, he was terrified. The previews were very loud and the screen was huge. He clung to daddy and I wasn't sure if he would enjoy it at all. But about 30 minutes in, he started following the story line and actually watching and relaxing. He got 'treats' (M&Ms) and popcorn and loved watching the 'meow.' It actually turned out to be a good movie to take him to, because he is obsessed with puppies and kitties, so he loved watching the adventures of the cat.

Here's a (very dark) photo of him and Daddy after the movie ended... sorry for the poor quality!

He sat in daddy's lap the whole time and never asked to get down. The last 10 minutes or so he started getting a little bit restless, but really he did SO well. He talked a bit, but it was always related to the story line, and there were very few people there, so it didn't really matter.

Overall, I say the movie was a success and I think the 'big show' will be a wonderful special treat for him after the twins come! SUCH a big boy!!

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