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29 December 2011

Project 52 | Joy | Week 52

Motherhood is


oh, this boy. he's amazing.

he blows me away every single day.

I can not imagine a sweeter, more loving child.

If these babies are even half as wonderful as him, 

things are about to get pretty awesome around here.


Minot finally got some snow, and since it was a super warm 32* outside, we got PLAY in the snow- something that's not easy to do most winters up here. This boy, he loved it.

I honestly could not be more thankful for this child. He's compassionate, loving, intelligent, snuggly (thanks to daddy), an excellent eater and sleeper, and he is such a good little listener. Some of that is just his awesome nature, but it's also a fair amount of hard work on his daddy's and my part.  Once again I say, you get what you put in! This boy turns 2 in a week, and although he has quite a bit of spit and fire, he TRULY wants to please us, and he is happiest making us happy. This makes it relatively easy to create a happy, harmonious environment with consistency and loving boundaries. I could not have asked for a better firstborn!

I can't believe it. My project 52 for 2011 is coming to a close and I am so thankful I participated in it this year. I have grown as a photographer so much, and it has truly made me focus on being a mother and defining that role. I can't wait to create a little book with this years images! I will be participating in Project 52 again, but it will look a little different- check back next week to see it!

Also up this next week- a recap post on our 2011 goals and some goals for 2012!

Happy *almost* New Year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this project this year! it is so great to keep up with what is going on each week - too easy to let time slip away!
love ya, Mom