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02 January 2012

Insta-Monday | A new year

I told you that some things would be looking different on here come the new year, and this is one of them! I am going to be doing a weekly Insta-Monday post with pictures from my iphone. (I'm still working on the layout- and may eventually make the move to wordpress, but for now, the pictures read left to right, top to bottom)

This will give you a little snapshot of our lives, and since my iphone is always with me and easy to use, I imagine there will be lots of pictures of the twins on there! Most of my iphone pictures never get uploaded here, so this will be a way to share them! Some weeks may be themed, and some will be completely random!


1. Nesting like crazy- organized the 'junk' drawers

2. Re-organized and labeled pantry...

3. Organized the spice cabinet with some new clips the hubby bought...

4. Even the medicine cabinet/linen closet got a makeover!


5. Pulled my silhouette out again and made these onesies for the twins!(
There's another set with NAMES, but you will have to wait on those! )

6. Baby Girl's bow/headband collection- out of control!

7. Hubby's DIY modification to the faucet so Jarvis can reach the water stream himself!

8. My little techie with his new leapfrog laptop from Poppy and Oma :)

Check back Friday for the new look for my Project 52!


Kelley said...

Your organized junk drawer is killing me. Ours is a mess. ;-)

Lorisa said...

LOVE all your ogranization. And LOVE the spice clips. Can I ask where you got them?

Lorisa said...

LOVE all your ogranization. And LOVE the spice clips. Can I ask where you got them?

Plane Jane said...

I wish I could hire you to come into my teeny tiny home and do some organizing! I'm jealous of your pantry. We have a "closet/pantry" but the shelves are so deep that I can't reach my hand all the way to the back. So much wasted space :-( Btw, we have the same baskets for medicines!

Beverly said...

O.M.G. !!! Don't drop by my place anytime soon... the shame, the shame! Your "junk" drawer is so inspirational lol. Next time I see you let's rub shoulders together and see if I can catch some of your organizing bug. It all looks great, love you so much!

And your beautiful belly is the greatest/craziest/best thing ever, I'm glad you decided to share. :)