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30 January 2012

Insta-Friday| Week 5





1. After much 'middle-of-the-night' thinking, I have set up a little baby area on the dresser in our room. I was planning that they would sleep in the pac n' play in our room for a while, and that we would do middle of the night changings/feedings there... however since we only have 3 bedrooms, Gammie is sleeping in the twin's nursery, and I decided it would be better to have mostly everything in our room for the first month or so... Hence, the baby area... with preemie clothes, that I am hoping will be too little for them!!

2. My mom makes the best coffee cake in the world. Apparently except for in my oven, which refuses to work correctly... it's still delicious though!

3. More crafty-nesting. A handmade sign for the front door (mostly for the annoying UPS/FedEx guys...).

4. Absolutely delicious tomato and cheese tortellini soup... and I am claiming that I can no longer say I don't know how to cook... I'm getting good at this whole planning/prepping/cooking thing.... just in time to have twins and not cook for a couple of months, haha!

5. Well, after another little trip to the ER on Saturday night (Baby Girl had flipped and I couldn't feel her moving like she should have been- however both of them checked out just fine!), I finally ACTUALLY packed my hospital bag... most of the stuff has been gathered and sitting in my room, but now it's actually packed- getting close!!

6. Gammie has been bored waiting on the babies- so while Jarvis sleeps, she knits! Super cute hats and flowers....

7. We've been eating much better and trying to avoid processed foods. But I'm 9.5 months pregnant with twins and it's girl scout cookie season, I can't help it. I'm craving peanut butter patties all the time... however Minot doesn't start selling them til the 18th!!! So a friend shipped me 4 (Thanks Melanie!!) and my mom brought me 3... this is the LAST BOX... boo.

8. Made my mom a set of un-paper towels. I seriously dislike making these (tedious annoying work), but these are out of monk cloth (more like a dish towel material) and I can't wait to see how they work out. They are super absorbent...

Next week, my Insta-Monday will likely be an Insta-Sunday... because Monday is BABY DAY!! :)


Nessa Bixler said...

I giggled out loud reading that - yeah for baby day!!

Tori said...

let me know about the unpapaer towels! ;)