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05 January 2012

34 weeks

Well, tomorrow the twins hit 34 weeks, which is yet another milestone! One of my short term goals was to make it to Jarvis' birthday tomorrow!

Things have been slightly eventful around here as far as the babies go. The contractions have definitively picked up, but at my doctors appointment last week there was very little progress, however, Tuesday evening I started having a severe pain in my right side. Pains are not that abnormal and can be attributed to several things, so I just went to bed hoping it would go away while I was sleeping. By 2am, we made the decision to call the OB on call and he advised we come in and get checked. After a couple of 3am texts with friends, one of our good friends came over to sleep on our couch and we went to the ER- again.

My contractions were a bit too strong and frequent, and had caused a little bit of progress, so they gave me some meds to stop them. That stuff was crazy, I was shaking horribly and my heart was racing, I felt like I had been up for a week straight. But it worked! We ran some other tests, checked on the babies on the ultrasound, and basically were not able to find any reason for the severe pain. We are assuming it's pulled muscle of some sort or a pinched nerve, who knows, everything in my abdomen is stressed and pushed in abnormal positions. They released me to go home, and if anything gets worse I will go back.

I have another doctor appt and ultrasound this week, which will likely be my last, as my scheduled c-section will be in just about 3 weeks. 

Measurement of 'fundal height' is one of the ways they check to make sure babies are growing. Usually with singletons, the number of centimeters that your uterus is measuring from top to bottom while lying on your back should correspond to what week you are. With twins, this number is obviously larger. Right now, at 34 weeks, I am measuring at 42 centimeters. With Jarvis, at 41 weeks, I measured at 39 centimeters. Needless to say, I am MUCH larger than I was with him, and I have at least another 2-3 weeks left to go!

I will do a weekly picture from here on out- since we are so close! But honestly, my goal to actually wear clothes and be cute has come to a halt. There is literally NO shirt or tunic in my closet that will cover my entire belly... and most of the dresses end up looking like tents... oh well!

I have had several people bugging me for a bare belly picture, because seriously, the belly looks SO much bigger uncovered. This isn't something I have been doing, because it just feels very exposed, lol, and my bare belly isn't something I would normally share with the world (at least not anymore)... but I am not ashamed of the belly, or the NUMEROUS stretch marks (which you can't actually see in the picture, I swear I did no touch up!). I am so blown away by how God created our bodies to naturally do something so amazing, so I am willing to share it- and because I want to remember just how big I have gotten with the twins!

So if you don't want to see my bare belly, close the post now- otherwise- Erica, Stacy, and Brandy- you are welcome, haha!

Oh yes- it's large and in charge!! But those babies are growing, and that's what we want!!


from-myheart-2yours said...

Chelsea you look great and you definitely do not have anything to be embarrassed by:))) The stomach is rather large, lol; but, that is too be expected. One of God's greatest gifts to man besides His son Jesus, was our ability to be co-creators with Him in life. It is simply amazing to be able to reproduce what God has already created! I know those babies will come out kicking and screaming, which is as it should be:)))) Hope and pray you get some rest and comfort as you near the end of this glorious journey:)))) LaTosha

Stacy VanDyck Photography said...

Haha yes! Good job! Although, you didn't do a complete side shot, you are slightly turned, making it look less large :) (I am sure you probably were not able to turn completely sideways and still swivel to take the photo LOL)

Steven & Erica Bailey said...

OMG!! You all are right MUCH bigger without being covered! But there are TWO babies in there, that's sooo hard to believe that they fit! LOL Aww I'm excited and selfishly sad that I'm not there, but really appreciate ya taking a bare belly pic for me!! :)

The Boyos said...

You look AMAZING!!! And you gotta take one of those pictures where you have your arms down by your belly and then the "after" shot when you are holding a baby..only in your case it would be two babies!! That would be incredible. Very exciting! Glad you are doing so well!!!

Jason and Vanessa said...

I LOVE the bare belly shot! So excited the babies are doing so well!


Plane Jane said...

You are beautiful! I am so amazed that we (as women) are able to stretch and move like that! Its an amazing thing. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be but it'll be worth it! I"m so looking forward to all the pictures and posts about being a mom to 3!!

Nessa Bixler said...

Hooray!! What a great milestone. You look amazing.