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08 January 2012

Birthday Fun | 2012

Well, it's come and gone and I officially have a 2-year-old. Not sure how I feel about it... I wanted to share a few pictures from our family birthday at home, and his little party!

Here he is the morning of his birthday opening presents!

We got him the Tag Jr. Reader for his birthday.

His current favorite phrase is 'Oh, cool!' and you can see him exclaiming over some hot wheels from Poppy and Oma here!

With his expanded car collection!

Then after dinner, we had birthday cake (keep in mind, it's only 545 here, and it's pitch black outside :( )

Not sure of the candles...

Blowing them out with Daddy... 

Then the next day, we had a little low-key party with a bunch of his buddies. Last year I went over the top with his party- and although I wanted to do it again... I had to be realistic about what I could do! So we had the party at the indoor playscape on base with pizza, juice boxes, and cupcakes. Very simple and low-key, but he had a BLAST playing with all his friends! We didn't have anyone bring presents- because seriously, this boy has ENOUGH, and he had no clue they were missing!

Headed out to the party- he chose the new 'choo-choo' (chopper) shirt from Aunt Jackie and Uncle Patrick to wear!

My neighbor across the street made these delicious cupcakes!

His friends all singing Happy Birthday!


We learned to lick the frosting, lol....

He had such a blast, and I am glad we made a point to do something for him. I pretty much sat the entire time, but came in home in serious pain after just 2 and a half hours... unfortunately, my stamina is pretty much gone!

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