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17 November 2010

10.5 months...

So I sorta missed doing a post for Jarvis at 10 months, so I am going to do an in-between one, because he has changed so much lately!

First off, it's 18 degrees as I write this. Even colder with the wind-chill... Minot winter has arrived!!

One of the biggest developments I have noticed over the past weeks, is that Jarvis has developed a concept of Space. He really enjoys crawling under and through things. Chairs, the bookshelf cubes, legs, play tunnel, coffee table, just about anything he can find, he wants to crawl under it! He enjoys the challenge. He understands when he has to duck his head though, which is another improvement, he will duck to fit under something. The only thing he hasn't gotten is that he can't stop halfway under and try to sit up :) This frustrates him! (Check out the videos on!)

He understands how to grab a door with one hand and swing it open so he can go through it, which is not so great if Mama forgets to shut doors!! He pulls up on everything and stands with only one hand for support, but he hasn't shown much progress towards standing independently or walking. He will crouch independently is he's sitting from standing, but he's still working on his balance!

Waving has to be my favorite skill so far (besides smiling :) ). He has definitely gotten the concept of waving 'hi' and 'bye-bye.' If you just say, "Jarvis, hi!" He will stop and wave! He waves goodbye anytime we put him in his crib or one of us is walking out the door. It is so much fun to see this comprehension, and you can tell he is so proud of himself!!

When he is done eating, I sign 'all-done.' (All-done in sign language is hands open, palm down, fingers spread, shaking back and forth.) Just in the past couple of days, he waves his arms when I sign all-done, I think he may be close to getting this one! Thus, I am starting to work even harder on all the other signs I use! I can't wait for him to start signing back.

If Jarvis is touching something that we don't want him too (ex, cords), or going somewhere we don't want, we typically say, "No-no, Jarvis, we don't touch cords." And he understands. He will sit back, pull his hands away and up to his mouth and look at me. I then thank for for listening and quickly try to distract him with another toy! If he's interested in the toy, we are all good, but if not, he will usually try to do what he was originally doing. Then I have to pick him up and move him. But just the fact that 1/2 the time, he listens and then moves away makes me so proud! Not that there won't be battles, but he's learning and catching on, which makes me really happy!

He has started to throw little baby 'mini-fits,' if we takes something away from him or prevent him from doing something. He also does it if he wants something but we don't know. He just fusses and cries a bit... I just can't believe it's already happening! It only last a few seconds and he calms down on his own... but boy, are we going to have our hands full, he is a stubborn little boy!

He is extremely persistent and has an excellent memory. The other day I was cleaning during nap time and ran out of time to vacuum the living room, so I left the vacuum in the living room, and didn't think anything of it. He apparently caught sight of it on the way to the kitchen/playroom, and as soon as I set him down, he made a fast bee-line for the vacuum cord. Despite moving him back several times, he still kept at it, very persistent! Eventually the vacuum ended up in the closet and Jarvis was not happy!

We took Jarvis bowling for the first time and he thoroughly enjoyed it! We put up the baby roller, and he stood up right on it and pushed that ball, no hesitation! It's like he naturally knew what to do! He only rolled a couple of balls, but here's a picture:

Much love! J, C, and J

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Anonymous said...

so proud of the little boy!!! and you are doing such a great job, little Ms Teacher!! love you guys so much - Love Gammie