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19 November 2010

Felt Playhouse

So a while back, I ran across a felt playhouse on, and fell in love!! I knew I wanted to make one for Jarvis. I bought the felt, and 4 months later... still hadn't done anything, hehe. However I finally got in gear, and many, many, many, MANY hours later- IT'S DONE! 
*at least mostly, more produce, letters, play money, etc to be added later!*

It sits on top of two card tables, so they fold down easy and pack away pretty well. Everything is felt, so it won't fray. 

Front of the house! Apples and bird velcro off, corn comes out of the husks, 
carrots come out of the soil, and mailbox opens.

Side: Clothes clip on/off the line or are stored in the green basket. 
Water and food are interchangeable in the dog bowl, and the bone comes off. 

Produce stand: Produce velcros on/of or goes in crate and barrell, Price signs velcro on/off. 

Other side: Flowers go in/out of the window box and have pipe cleaners in them for shape.
squirrel, beans, lettuce leaves, and apples velcro on/off.

He did this on his own, silly puppy. :)

 Jarvis, the puppy, and the kitty all LOVE it! Obviously, most of the functions are above Jarvis' developmental level right now, but he loves crawling in and out and pulling everything off the sides. Puppy hangs out in there quite and bit, and kitty hides in there.

Just wanted to share :)

Much love, C

1 comment:

Plane Jane said...

This is awesome. I had no idea how big it was when I saw the other pictures on facebook! great job!