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30 September 2011

20 weeks | The Twins

So I realized I haven't done a big update on the twins on the blog, nor have I posted any bump pictures on here for family who isn't on facebook. Sorry!!

We are now 20 weeks and the twins both looked great on a quick ultrasound at the doctors office today. They were very active and the doctor was cracking up at Baby A kicking Baby B repeatedly. The ultrasound in the doctor's office is a lower quality one, and often hard to see details (they have much better ones downstairs), but in just glancing over Baby B he laughed and said 100% boy. It was very obvious. We are assuming Baby A is still girl, but she was being shy, we'll let you know if anything changes!

20 weeks

I feel almost constant movement right now, which considering there are 4 little feet and 4 little arms failing about is not surprising! Just this week I have been able to begin to differentiate between which baby is moving, which is fun. Right now it seems like Baby Girl A is much more active than her brother at least during the day. Baby Boy B is more active at night and in the early mornings. They currently trade off being active, which should be interesting as they get bigger and bigger and it's harder to sleep through their activity! 

Physically I am doing pretty well. I have the 'nesting' desire very strong and just about every place in my house is getting reorganized! However my ability to keep up and actually do the things I want to do is waning alot. Normally you get a burst of second trimester 'energy' but I haven't really seen that. My nausea is alot better, but with the babies taking up so much room, digestion is rarely fun, haha! They are growing rapidly and are stretching my muscles and ligaments a bit quick than my body would like, but a support belt has helped with that, as well as just limiting what I allow myself to do! I am happily accepting that everything is going to take longer for me to complete, and some things have to wait until the hubs gets home from work. 

We have a big ultrasound in about a week and a half that will include lots of pictures to share!

Here are some old bump photos for those who aren't on facebook:

                   11 weeks                                               13 weeks

                           16 weeks                                             19 weeks


christarella said...

making me cry. lol... I am SO emotional. I am so very excited about seeing the little faces attached to all those arms and legs!

Allie said...

You are BEAUTIFUL Chelsea!!