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12 September 2011

this much [20 mos]

Ummmm, it's now the 12th.... and I am JUST NOW posting this... at least it was taken 2 days before he turned 20 months, haha!

 (settings and editing by me, taken by my mom- I'm training her!)

This was taken as we headed to the airport after two *HOT* weeks in Texas with almost all of our family. And seriously, al.most.all. We have big families, and it's awesome. Especially since most of them live within 3 hours of Austin. 

The trip was great, it really was. I don't think anything brings me more joy than seeing all of the grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunt interact with Jarvis. I am so proud of that little boy, and seeing how GOOD he was with everyone, how loving, and playful, and friendly.... it made my heart melt every day. It was worth every penny and every day of leave to be down there. And a big thank you to everyone who makes it a home away from home while we are there.

However, visiting family always makes me appreciate the time we have as our little family. Sometimes I hate living so far from our family, because we love and enjoy all of them. But I've begun to realize that since we spend most of our time just us, that we have been able to figure out how WE want our family to run. We are solid and know exactly how we want to parent and run our home (for the most part, haha). It was so nice to get back home and get back to us. Because let's be honest. 2 weeks with over 12 immediate families within 3 hours and ALL of our middle/high school friends and some college friends nearby is NOT a vacation.  It's worth it, and it's how we want to spend our money and time, but it's not very relaxing!

So for this month's *this much,* it's us, our little family (even the twins peeking out there), because ultimately, THEY are the reason I do anything. 

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