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09 September 2011

Project 52 | Surprises | Week 36

Motherhood is


I honestly have always thought I would have all boys.

Why? I'm not really sure. I love little girls just as much as little boys.

But for some reason I thought I would be one of those mothers with 5 crazy boys running around.

Apparently not!

We are so excited to announce that Baby A is a GIRL and Baby B is a BOY! Both are looking healthy and growing very well right now. In fact, Baby B is showing his boy side and packing on the weight a bit faster than his sister, who is right on schedule.

And honestly, I did NOT believe the ultrasound tech when she told me, hahaha....

(Oh, and we've known for 2 weeks, I've been waiting on the boots to get in for this picture! No one can ever say I am impatient again!!)

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Emily Miranda said...

Praise the Lord Chelsea!! Wonderful news! We're still praying over here!

Destiney said...

How exciting! :) I have a twin brother... and it was so fun growing up! We are so close now as adults as well. Congratulations again.

Jennifer Higgins said...

YAY!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing Chelsea!

Uncle James said...


Cousin Heather said...

I cannot wait to meet them!! I love all of you!!

Cousin Heather said...

I cannot wait to meet them!! I love all of you!!