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15 April 2011

Project 52 | Patient | Week 15

Motherhood is


I'm organized and I like to sort things into buckets and baskets,

Jarvis giggles with glee as he dumps out any container he can get his hands on.

So every day, I sit there and watch him turn over a basket,

And as all the toys go flying, I take a deep breath and let go.

Because learning takes place in the chaos of play,

and that's worth a little mess.

(and then I let the OCD out and clean up during nap time, so he can start all over again.)

When you become a parent, you learn a new type of patience, one that you never knew you had. Everyone I know laughs that all the toys have a 'place,' but I love organizing. And Jarvis is at a very un-organized play stage. Which is fine. I try very hard not to clean up as he plays, I just let him play. And then 10 minutes before nap we start 'cleaning,' which right now is basically him watching me, or putting things in a basket and taking it back out, haha. 

The blocks and bears pictured above are so very pointy and hurt so badly to step on. Yet every kid who comes to my house loves them. They are the one toy I want to hide away forever. But every day, he brings the container to me and signs 'help.' And every day, I open it up, sigh a little, and resign myself to watching where I step for the rest of the day.


VanDyck Family said...

You want to hide them away for foreva????? :D

Chelsea M said...

I did that just for you :)

Jodi R. said...

It's the same in my house. I call her "my little tornado". *sigh* They are watching us though, and eventually I have to imagine they are going to like things in their own place as well...I hope. :) What a great picture to capture this stage.