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09 April 2011

this much [15 mos]

When exactly did it happen?

Because I seem to have missed it.

When did you go from a helpless little baby...

to a toddler with a strong mind of his own?

You may not be talking yet, but you know how to use that sign language.

And you've learned signing 'please' often gets you what you want.

Like getting to walk and 'push' the stroller instead of riding in it. 

But as trying as that independent I-can-do-it mind can be...

I love seeing your personality develop.

We went to the Big One craft fair an flea market, and like any spoiled boy, you made out with some new *old* toys, but your favorite part was running around flirting...

I just love watching Daddy watch you do your magic, 
you are much too cute for your own good!

linking up with styleberry blog in her *this much* project.

1 comment:

Emily Miranda said...

Jarvis looks adorable and tiny standing there looking around!! Good picture!