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28 April 2011

Project 52 | A Village | Week 17

Motherhood is

a village.

Because it really does take one to raise those little buggars.

And I wouldn't trade anything for my real family or my military family.

They are my biggest cheerleaders.

And a supported, loved, and encouraged mother is a better mother.

I could add about a million pictures, but here's the one that was actually taken this week.(No, not by me, but I set up the settings and did the editing! haha) There are so many other friends and family not pictured, but I promise, I love you too :)

 Family and Friends at the Easter Egg Hunt at the church where I grew up.
14 adults showed up to watch one little boy hunt eggs for less than a minute, and then decide the pebbles were much more interesting than yucky candy-filled eggs. That's love.

We just returned from 2 weeks spent soaking up precious time with TONS of family and dear friends. What a blessing. I have so many amazing people in my life. The willingness of people to go out of their way to see us and Jarvis blew me away. We saw just about all our family, and many, many friends that we have known since elementary school and beyond. Hubby and I have know each other since middle school and have been together since sophomore year of high school, so there are lots of mutual friends in there, and I am always reminded of long lost memories when we visit. 

And as I treasured that time with people we so rarely get to see, I found a little wistfulness in my heart for my military family back home. Yes, back home. Guess I realized this week that Minot actually is home now. It's the first place we have lived for more than 8 months in 5 years. And I have dug my roots in and made a wonderful group of friends here. I missed them dearly and felt so blessed knowing they were missing and thinking of me. 

How blessed am I??


Jackie said...

I love this picture!!!! So great of everyone, we need to have prints made a d frames ready to be filled! :)

Jodi said... true! :)