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09 May 2012

10 on 10 | inspired

So I've decided to take up another monthly photography project called 10 on 10. (yes, I hear you saying, another one?? I know right... as if p52, [this much], and insta-monday didn't keep me busy enough! haha!)

but this one, oh this one. it's all about capturing life in the moment right then. I want to continue to work on my photography skills, so I will be using my fancy camera.I want to remember the little things. life with 3 kids 2 and under is crazy fast and busy. I can feel the days slipping away and I want to preserve things exactly like they are in my memory. So I will not be cleaning, or picking things up, or staging things. These pictures will be real. Messy house, dirty counters, laundry, whatever is going on that day will be captured, good or bad.

I am head-over-heels inspired by Molly Flanagan Photography- check out her 10 on 10 project. I absolutely love the imperfection and realness of her photography. She truly captures a moment, the exact feelings of any situation. She is an amazing storyteller, with words and pictures.

it is supposed to be 10 pictures, but I know I will take more than that most months. The exact number isn't as important as the feeling.

5:30 am
the fuzzy heads are hungry. 
(aiming to move this to 6:30am but we are still working on extending night sleep.)

french toast, raspberries, juice, milk, and yogurt. shredded wheat with strawberries, and coffee.
trash day. yes I went out in my pajamas.

least favorite part of the day. unload dishwasher, put away dishes. load breakfast dishes. wash bottles.
mr. independent.

sibling playtime in sister's crib while mama puts the diapers away.

homemade mushroom and pepperoni bagel pizzas for lunch. 
and a little wonder-pets to top it off.

all.three.asleep. hallelujah.
time for mama to meal plan for next week. love my view.

someone woke up sweaty and grumpy from his nap.

daddy takes a late lunch. perfect.

three diaper changes.

time to finish dinner. and the question is... how to occupy three kids...

bedtime for the littles.
bathtime for the big one. and his best friend.

bedtime for the big one.
and time to pick up the house. tomorrow is the best $20 I spend every week. my cleaning lady vacuums and mops and gets it done in an hour while I play with my

 Ok, so that was just 12 pictures (if you count the side by sides as one!) not too bad considering I took at least 200 shots total.


Brandy said...

I L-O-V-E the one of Jace and Jarvis on the swings!

Christine said...

I think I might have to join you on this one! As always, fantastic job.

christarella said...

How are the fishies sleeping through the night? No more night feeds? That's amazingly impressive!

Laura-Leigh said...

3pm: favorite picture on the whole post.

Kelly B. said...

Chelsea, this is such a neat concept.....what a great way to remember how life is in this season of your life. I found your blog last year via Styleberry and have enjoyed reading it immensely. I'm also friends with Tori (we met when she lived in Louisiana). I don't have a blog, but I'm on Instagram, @kellylynnb. Thank you for sharing bits & pieces of your's always encouraging to read blogs written by fellow sisters-in-Christ! :-)