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02 May 2012

this much [3 months] | Joelle & Jonah

(picture taken by my brother, Chris Ray)

Three months. How in the world are they three months already???

We are all surviving, taking it day by day! The babies are finally staying awake a bit longer in the afternoons and we are getting to go on walks and play a little more.  Here's their general schedule (although there is up to an hour sway some days, this is our goal though!)

6am- feeding, about 50 min total waketime (some mornings this is closer to 5am), 2 hour nap
9am- feeding, about an hour total waketime, 2 hour nap
12pm- feeding, about 70 min total waketime, 2 hour nap
3pm- feeding, about 75 min total waketime, 45-60 min cat nap
5pm- up, about 80 min total waketime, feed at 545ish, bed around 630pm.
12am-2am- they have one feeding anywhere in this time range.

Like I said, that's a general time frame, but the waketimes are pretty consistent and they are fairly good nappers. They appear to finally be coming out of their wonder week. Overall, I would say Joelle is a better napper than either Jonah is or Jarvis was at their age. But Jonah is still much better than Jarvis was at 3 months.

Jonah is a little smiley baby, although its hard to get on pictures because he only smiles at people. He is getting some hand development and grabbing at things. He particularly loves the play gym and is reaching out and batting toys. He is not a huge fan of bathtime, the sun, or wind. He seems to be very sensitive to his senses. His hair is all growing in the same length, and it stands straight up, just like his brother and dad's hair. He does resemble Jarvis physically, but he is changing some. Personality and habits-wise though, he is a carbon copy of Jarvis. He is starting to put on some little chub.

Joelle is out sweet little chunky girl. She is so petite but has so much chub, I love it! She is defiantly a snuggler and loves to be held. She has a sweet smile and smiles with her eyes. She likes to be sitting up and looking at things. Her hair is very soft and she has this one long curl right on the top. She adores bath time and being naked and smiles like crazy the whole time. I'm still not sure who she looks like, but I think she has my mom's blue eyes!

And here are just a few more recent pictures of them!

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