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25 February 2012

Adjusting | p52 | 2012

Oh yes... this is late... but it's here!

Sigh. Poor thing. Every thing has been a bit crazy over the past month, and while it's awesome that he's had an constant playmate (first Gammie then Grandpa), he's definitely been having a bit of trouble adjusting. Mommy and Daddy are busy and not around as much, plus we keep leaving with 'just the babies' for doctor's appointments, and he's not getting out as much as he would like. 

We've been making an effort to get him out of the house, even just to run to the commissary or store. And we've had a nice little spell of warmer weather which has allowed us to go on walks or play in the backyard.

This week we made a point to leave the napping babies with Grandpa, and go on a chilly little park date, something he hasn't gotten to do in several months! He and I used to go to the park nearly every other day in the summer and boy he's missed it.

So loaded up in our (hideous) wonderful crocs to combat the mud and spent some time at the park with our oldest. One step at a time to help him adjust.....

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leslie said...


christarella said...

OMG... you guys are so wonderful to take him on a Mommy and Daddy park date. I bet he was on cloud 9!

Nessa Bixler said...

I bet he loved the trip to the park. Love the croc feet.

Anonymous said...

"mcbigbrother" is blessed to have parents that recognize the need for some special attention & get a park date with just mom & dad. I'm sure battling the mud & cold was well worth it.

I linked up with you.

Mahina Sayin said...

That is so great that you got some time with your oldest! I'm sure the loved every minute of having you two to himself.