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21 February 2012

The Twins | Individually

With fraternal twins, you basically are just getting siblings who happened to share a womb and be born together. I knew that, and I expected them to be different from one another, and from Jarvis, but I have honestly been surprised just how much of their little personalities have been showing through.

Let me be clear while it may seem that this post 'compares' my children, it's more just observations on characteristics and behaviors. I love all of them and their quirks equally :) I'm writing this all down, because I know the haze of newborns will eventually fade it all away, it did with Jarvis.

Joelle. (Which by the way, is pronouced 'joe-l', in case anyone was wondering) My middle girl, squished between two boys. Oh, how mama knows how that feels, my poor girl! At first, I would have said she was going to be my laid back child, but she's showing more and more gumption every day! From day 1, she has latched better while nursing than either of the other boys, but she's super sleepy and a lazy nurser. She requires most of my attention to keep her awake and eating. She's going to be the natural snuggler of the bunch. Jarvis never was much of a snuggle boy, but with the hub's influence he's becoming more of one every day. She adores being held and rocked though, and fights being laid on her back. She'd rather be held, but sweet girl, there just aren't enough mama arms to go around, sorry.

She has these little crinkle ears, that are flat on the side and top. I love them, they look like little elf ears. She has all these little petite features. She's a little squeaker, just like her big brother Jarvis was. She's still so tiny, and I imagine she will stay that way. She's like a little squeaky mouse. She has light brown hair that is nearly long enough for clips already, and her eyes are still a dark blue. 

And Joelle, my sweet Joelle. She looks like her big brother, Job. There's been a little sliver of recognition in my mind every time I look at her, and the other day, I placed it. She and Job have the same bone structure in their faces. Job was so tiny, at the time, I thought his features just indicated he wasn't completely grown yet, and it was hard for me to picture his face full grown, as a infant, or a toddler. But it's clear, looking at Joelle, that he would have resembled her. While Jarvis and Jonah share more similar features and bone structure, Joelle and Job would have looked more alike. However all three boys, Jarvis, Job, and Jonah, have Daddy's cleft chin, and lucky little Joelle doesn't!

Jonah. Ahhh.. our little grumpy old man. We've taken to calling him Jonah-bear, because he has quite the frown and scowl, but it's all just an act, he's a big sweetie. He, just like his big brother, Jarvis, had a HORRIBLE latch initially and really fought breast-feeding. We are doing much better on that front, but he still has bad habits to work on, but overall he is much more aggressive at nursing than Joelle. Because of this, I thought he was going to be more high maintenance than his sister, but since he's been eating better, he has chilled out quite a bit. He's very observant and really watches what goes on around him. He's also the better sleeper in general and has a bit more flexibility than Joelle in his wake time length. Hopefully, this will allow me to be able to synchronize them better when I am alone with all 3 kids!

Jonah is extremely expressive. I've never seen so many facial expressions on a newborn! Jarvis had quite the grumpy face going when he was a newborn, but Jonah easily beats him out. This kid has at least 4 or 5 forehead wrinkles most of the time. And he can raise one eyebrow all the way up while he furrows the other one. He makes this face most often when he starts nursing, it's hilarious!! He's also quite the gassy little boy and we are working on getting good burps out of him. 

Like I said before, Jonah really resembles Jarvis more than Joelle does. He has Jarvis' nose and eyes and forehead shape, and of course, the cleft chin from Daddy! Jonah also inherited Daddy's double cowlick, whereas Jarvis just has a single one. He still has loads of hair, but it's a much darker shade than Jarvis' or Joelle's. And his sweet little eyes are still a dark blue, we will see what they turn out to be!

Hmmmm, so that's all my new mama brain can come up with for now! Be watching for a link to our studio and in home lifestyle newborn sessions tomorrow!


Mama Ray said...

love it! so smart to write it down.... time does seem to fade these memories!

Roe Family said...

This is an amazing post! I feel like I know them already and I haven't even met them! lol

Anonymous said...

love your kids' names - such beautiful & strong names. great job capturing the little details!!

Mahina and Lucas said...

I love the way you describe your babies! They are such precious little gifts!