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13 February 2012

Insta-Friday | The First Week

It took me three day to get this post written... my computer time has dropped off significantly. Which is kinda awesome... Three kids are so much work, but so much fun!

Lots of pictures this time- but if you are on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably already seen them... oh well!







1. Last picture as a family of 3 as we head to the hospital!
2. Taken the day before the twins were born, holy cow, big babies! We love us some family reading time!
3. Jace holding both the babies for the first time.
4. Me holding both the babies for the first time.
5. Joelle and Jonah!
6. Heading home, exactly 48 hours after they were born- we are so blessed!!
7. Joelle's first headband! Made by mama ;)
8. Silly sleeping babies- this is pretty much how it was in the womb, Joelle in a little ball, Jonah taking up space!
9. The best big brother EVER!
10. Grandpa's here!!! And Jarvis is thrilled to have a new playmate, since Gammie heads back to Texas tomorrow! So thankful for tag-team grandparenting!
11. Their first night home... I have waited so long to see a baby in that bassinet again... The Lord is SO GOOD.
12. Getting their sun on to fight some light jaundice...
13. Snuggling my chunky boy, Jonah...
14. My current lifesavers- featuring the stylebabyLOG- which is AMAZING!! It's the only way I am keeping my brain straight right now!!

We took their newborn studio pictures yesterday- 6 hours in a *hot* studio, haha! But our photographer, Stacy, was awesome and the babies did so well!

So far they have both had ONE bath, haha, and are both really liking eating every 3.5 hours and being swaddled. We have been able to get latching and tandem feeding down about 80% of the time, and that saves me A LOT of time! It's definitely an art form to be able to tandem breastfeed twins, but I'm excited it's working so much better than breastfeeding Jarvis ever did- I'm so much more informed now!

1 comment:

christarella said...

Sounds like the most wonderful week! So glad that tandem feeding is going so well. I am sure it's wonderful to bond with the two of them at the same time. Congrats again and again! <3