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10 February 2012

Overflowing | p52 | 2012

This is the first time I have even touched my computer since the babies were born. I've been checking in online on my phone a couple times a day, but I was shocked when I get up this morning and there were links to project 52- is it really Friday? How did that happen?

The picture up above- the first one of my hubby with our 3 kids. Wow... how do we have 3 kids?? It's still so surreal!

Overall we are all doing very, very well. We were able to all go home only 48 hours after the c-section, which is amazing in and of itself, but even more so with twins! They are sweet, sweet babies and are growing. We are still learning to breastfeed, and every day/feeding is a new challenge, but overall they are doing so much better than Jarvis was at this time. Let me tell you though... nursing twins, tandem or separate is TIME-CONSUMING!! Sometimes it feels like I don't get out of the nursing chair for hours, which is true. They are still sleepy little newborns, but are just the sweetest things to cuddle. Unlike their big brother, who never slept as newborn and didn't like to be held, they both sleep pretty well and love being snuggled into anything, especially one another!

I am healing very well and expect to be back to normal in just a couple of weeks. Besides the actual surgery (which was a horrid experience, sigh), healing from the c-section has been much easier than the complications with Jarvis' birth. I am mobile and moving around, but still limited in how much I can do. Luckily, between Gammie and Jace, I am being well-taken care of. THe hubs has off for several weeks, which boy, do we need! For some reason, these babies sleep better in the middle of the day, so I am taking up napping when they do, because I've been getting less than 3 hours a night of broken sleep. Feeling a bit cut off from my normal social world, which is sad, especially since I know my friends are dying to meet and hold the babies. But I'm trying to remind myself that this will all go easier if we hunker down, get healthy, get feeding down, and figure out our routine as quickly as possible. And unfortunately, my dear friends are going to have to wait a bit longer for an open invitation. 

Jarvis has been AMAZING with the babies. This kid continues to blow me away. Things are crazy and out of routine (which if you know us well, you know we all like routine!) and the normal attention he gets from mommy and daddy is nowhere near being met. But he is behaving like an angel. He adores the babies and calls them 'my babies' and he loves to pat their heads and be around them. He loves to read them books and share his toys. And he's doing such a good job at attempting to control the 2-year-old noise level (although really, we don't expect him to- he's 2! and they have to get used to sleeping  through it all anyway!)

My dad flies in tomorrow to take over for my mom, who leaves the 14th. I'm excited to have my dad here, but boy does he have big shoes to fill with Gammie leaving. She has been absolutely amazing, and it has been such a blessing physically and emotionally to know Jarvis is well-taken care of and getting his attention and love while we work to include the babies in our family. 

Of course, the wonderful postpartum hormones swing throughout the day. I go from wondering how in the world I am going to handle 3 kids, especially 2 newborns, by myself when everyone else goes back to their normal world. A couple hours later I am crying in complete joy over the amazing blessing we have been given. 

We are so, so, so blessed and thankful for our little family and the love and support we have received. 


from-myheart-2yours said...

I'm so happy for you two Chelsea. Of all the people I know, you will be able to do it; you can do it! You have such an amazing spirit and I know all will be well.

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

so glad things are going well and that everyone is healthy! Hope the feeding and routine stuff falls into place for you soon!

Christine said...

Chelsea, you are amazing and you will definitely be able to do this.

Roe Family said...

So glad things are going better then expected! It will make it easier when family goes home. For now, don't worry about that part, when it comes you have many friends who will be there if and when you need help! As much as you want your friends around your making the best choice to get your rest and get your family into a routine while you still have the help. You will be around everyone again soon enough! You are an amazing mother, you will be fine! God is with you :)

Mahina and Lucas said...

Congrats on the babies!!! So excited and happy that your family is happy, healthy and doing well!